Kenneth G. Hartman

Kenneth G. Hartman owns Lucid Truth Technologies, a Michigan-based digital private investigation agency and forensic consulting firm specializing in computer, mobile, network, and cloud forensics. Ken is a Certified Instructor for the SANS Institute, teaching SEC510: Public Cloud Security: AWS, Azure, & GCP and SEC488: Cloud Security Essentials. Ken’s mission is to “make the truth clear,” and that is reflected in his teaching style and his approach to digital forensics.

BitTorrent Expert & Forensic Consultant

As part of his coursework toward the Master of Information Security Engineering degree, Ken has published research on BitTorrent & Digital Contraband and Skype & Data Exfiltration.

Since performing his BitTorrent Research in 2015, Kenneth G. Hartman has served as a confidential expert consultant on multiple child pornography cases across the U.S. Ken is a Licensed Private Investigator in Michigan, as required by state law to consult on digital forensic matters.

Please contact me to schedule a call or to request a current curriculum vitae.

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